Parking Management

Parking management streamlines your parking operations by speeding up the registration process. Now, one does not have to waste pages and pages in ticketing. It is a paperless permitting system. The application enables a person to access the data from one’s mobile device. This level of accessibility helps the users with an extensive reporting that helps to draw insights about the matter. An analytical decision helps improving the profit margins. In the end, it reduces the lines of vehicles completely and increases the satisfaction level.

Parking Lot Sensor | PLS

Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) based on LoRaWAN detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking slots management features, such as search, navigation, and reservation. The easy retrofit sensor solution for off-street parking is installed in minutes. 

Key Features

▶ Robust algorithm for parking space occupancy detection
▶ Two independent sensor principles: magnetometer and radar
▶ Up to 5 years battery lifetime

Use Cases

Public Parking Spaces
Smart Cities

Data Visualization