Our Company

 TouchTECHNO  is a premier supplier of complete End-to-End IoT solutions, products and services . With a focus on providing ‘TOTAL SOLUTION’  TouchTECHNO leverages its world class IoT gateways, sensors and software to create enhanced value for its clients.

IoT and LoRa Technology specifically are re-shaping the Smart Cities space by providing a long range, low power solution to collect, analyze and understand data for an immense number of applications and solutions. We look forward to tackling the future challenges and opportunities that are being uncovered and happy  to partner with you  in this exciting time of growth for IoT and LoRa Technology.

We are also supporting and working very closely with leading educational institutions , industries and government to tackle real-life problems to improve quality of life and  achieve better operational efficiencies using IOT/LoRa technologies.

With a strong commitment to quality, engineering, and service excellence, clients are assured  of  IoT solutions which will meet the current and future needs of their business.