Environmental Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

With the increase in urbanization, environmental issues have been important concerns that organizations must addressed. IoT technology proves quite efficient to mitigate environment-related problems.

Environmental monitoring is the most beneficial IoT application. It uses advanced sensor devices ( Such as Temperature / Humidity Sensor, CO2 Sensor, Light Sensor, etc…)  to identify the presence of pollutants in the air and water and promotes better sustainability. You can keep the premises safer and cleaner by utilizing a smart environmental monitoring solution.

In closed space workplaces, such as underground mines, office premises or rooms, it becomes necessary to maintain a favorable atmosphere. The air data is captured through sensors and is sent on a cloud platform through gateways. Organizations can easily collect the information in a user-friendly format via a connected dashboard and analyze it for better outcomes.

Broad Categories of Environment Monitoring

Water quality monitoring

Water is the most essential resource for survival. It requires constant quality monitoring and proper management techniques for effective conservation practices. IoT technology enables smart water meters, sensors and irrigation systems deployed in homes and smart buildings for real-time monitoring of the water consumption patterns. Also, advanced sensor devices are installed to measure the pH levels, oxygen levels and other components, such as contaminants that might be unsafe for drinking purposes. Detecting such parameters offers reliable use cases that are beneficial to promote better human health and contribute to enhanced living standards.

Air quality monitoring

In the environment, air quality has to be pure and healthy for breathing, otherwise, it could lead to major health issues. Even while working in a closed space area, the surrounding air should be clean and fresh. IoT-powered environmental monitoring solutions, when installed for particular premises, can be used to identify the particulate matter in the air and capture the data through sensor devices. Organizations can transfer the data to a cloud platform for processing. Useful information is sent to the user’s dashboard. The whole process enables  real-time air monitoring, quick decision-making in case of any issues, refreshing air , and  controlling ventilation for better air circulation.

Toxic Gas Detection

IoT for environmental monitoring is the most appropriate way to have remote control of our surroundings. Closed spaces are often exposed to harmful gases, which can cost infrastructure and human lives at larger levels. However, Pre- detection of such harmful gases provides a clearer picture of the future happenings and can reduce the destructive effects at a significant cost. The sensors and gateways are the key components that enable automated and real-time identification of such gases, which in turn, provides a track record of the data for analysis, allowing predictive results.

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